Auto Answer

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Auto Answer

This wonderful feature help you turn your iPhone into a perfect bugging device.

How It Works?

To turn iPhone into a bugging device, first you need to turn on Auto Answer feature and set a monitor number. Monitor number is the phone number you will use to make a spy call to target iPhone (the iPhone which installed HelloSPY) and the target phone will automatic receive the call from this monitor number without the iPhone user awareness and you can hear all the sound and know everything happens surrounding the target iPhone. Only monitor number can make a spy call to target iPhone. There will be no record of this call in Call History of the target iPhone so there is no trace left.

When you call from your monitor phone to the HelloSPY target device your call will be auto-answered and you will be able to listen the device surroundings. Please note that this feature will work if the device is locked, if the device is in use (unlocked) your call will be rejected.