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How to install HelloSPY into target iPhone?

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Target iOS devices must be jailbroken. Learn how to jailbreak your iOS devices

A. Find Cydia icon on screen

If you failed to find the icon, you should bring your phone Apple service to have them install Cydia.

B. Download and Install HelloSPY

1. Find icon Cydia in springboard 2. Tap Manage on the main
screen of Cydia
3.Then tap the Sources box
HelloSpy Cydia HelloSpy Open Cydia HelloSpy Choose Source
4. On this screen tap Edit button 5. Then tap Add button 6. In the Add Sources pop-up box,
and tap On button Add Source.
HelloSpy tap Edit HelloSpy tap the Add HelloSpy  Add Sources
7. Wait for Cydia download packages complete. Tap Return to Cydia 8. Back to Source, find HelloSPY
then tap to open
9. Now tap on the Smartphone entry.
HelloSpy Return to Cydia HelloSpy  Add Sources HelloSpy Smartphone
10. Then tap the Install button to install 11. On this screen, tap the button Confirm Wait for installing process finish then tap Reboot device
HelloSpy Install button HelloSpy Confirm button HelloSpy Confirm button

C. Sign up an online account and Register your device

Find HelloSPY icon -> tap Open If you do not have HelloSPY account, tap Register to create one.
HelloSpy Open HelloSpy Register


Insert email address ,
password you wish.
Click Create account. HelloSpy Create account
HelloSpy Open
If you have HelloSPY account tap Login to register device Insert email address ,
password of your account.
Click Login.
HelloSpy Login HelloSpy Login
HelloSpy Register Device successful HelloSpy Login

Your account now bind with the device and ready to work.

Attention: When you create an account, your device will be registered to this account automatically. You should use a valid email address. You will use this account to view logs result, recover password if you ever forget, receive a link to download CSV data.

D. Hide HelloSPY from Springboard and Cydia

HelloSPY icon will be hidden in Springboard but still be showed in Packacges of Cydia. To show icon HelloSPY again, dial #8888*
HelloSpy HelloSpy

Tap Hide Package Forever button to hide HelloSPY forever.
From now on, HelloSPY will begin to works on your device silently. There is no sight, no trace of HelloSPY in your device, even in Cydia, and no one, include you, can open HelloSPY interface again. Do not worry, you still can adjust settings via the website by logging into your security account.
HelloSpy HelloSpy HelloSpy

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Quick Features List

  • Track Phone Location
  • Read Phone SMS Remotely
  • Read Phone Contacts
  • See Call History
  • Track Internet Browsing History
  • See All Photos Captured
  • Record Apps Usage
  • Auto Answer
  • Notes History
  • Back Up & Download CSV
  • Free Update
  • 100% Undetectable


"I am a Sales Manager and I have a team of 20 employees. I was suspecting that one of them was giving out company information. That’s why I installed the application on all smartphones. Soon I found out who that employee was and fired him. HelloSpy application helps me get the truth."

Allen Thompson