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HelloSpy - The Best Parental Control Software
Parental Control Software is a 21st Century solution for monitoring and protecting children from potential threats. HelloSpy is your comprehensive parental monitoring solution because it can monitor both cell phone and computer activities. Once installed, the parental monitoring software is completely undetectable by the user and will begin recording the child's cell phone and computing activities. You can view the collected data from anywhere with Internet access by logging into your HelloSpy user account. For prices starting around $0.30 a day, HelloSpy provides the most advanced Parental Control Software on the market today that parents can use to:

- Monitor a Child's Cell Phone
- Listen to All Calls Made on Monitored Smart Phone
- View All IM's, Texts, viber chat and whatsapp messages
- Track Cell Phone Location 24/7
- Activate Cell Phone Microphone to Eavesdrop on Surroundings
- View Entire Web Browsing History
- Engage Stealth Mode and View All Activities Without Child's Knowledge
- And More...

Cell Phone Platforms supported by HelloSpy
HelloSpy supports all smart phone platforms including Android, iPhone. More details for supported platforms can be found at mobile spy software, cell phone spy software, android spy software , iphone spy software.
HelloSpy Parental Control Software Monitors All Cell Phone Activity
With children using cell phones for just about everything these days, you need comprehensive Parental Monitoring Software that can keep you informed of their activities. HelloSpy is the last parental monitoring solution you'll ever need because it includes the advanced surveillance tools you need to protect your children from potential threats, including:

Quick Features List:
- Track Phone Location
- Read Phone SMS Remotely
- Read Phone Contacts
- Track viber chat and Whatsapp messages
- See Call History
- Track Internet Browsing History
- See All Photos Captured
- Record Apps Usage
- Auto Answer
- Back Up & Download CSV
- Free Update
- 100% Undetectable
Become Our Next Success Story
“We just couldn't believe it when your parental control software revealed that our son was nearly in the next state...”
To be perfectly honest, I was actually against it when my husband suggested we install parental control software on our son's cell phone. But after his grades suddenly dropped, I caved and helped my husband secretly install the tracking software on Bob's smart phone. The very next day and the first time we logged in to access the data, we just couldn't believe it when your parental control software revealed that our son was nearly in the next state when he was supposed to be spending the night at a friend's house across town!
Rebecca C.
Phoenix, AZ

“I just login to my HelloSpy account each night before bed and I can sleep like a baby...”
My wife and I both have insane schedules and we were just finding less and less time to keep track of our daughter's online activities. After seeing that Dateline To Catch a Predator show, we decided it was time to take action and installed your parental monitoring software on our daughter's phone.
Dale T.
Fesno, CA